Clan Rules

If you are interested in recruiting with and

Becoming =AEST= please read and understand the following rules and guidelines before posting.

We are a mature competitive squad that has been around for 9 years strong. We pride ourselves on being a respectful clan in and out of game. We are all friends here and respect one another. If you have an issue with someone in =AEST= simply come talk to them and work it out. We will not tolerate bashing or disrespect in our forums, on our TeamSpeak or in our servers from members or nonmembers.

#1 Requirement for recruitment with =AEST= and its current members....If at anytime you are found to be on ANY Master Ban List FOR ANY GAME you will be immediately denied entrance into or removed from the clan.

1) You must be at least 18 years old, AND MATURE. We are not babysitters

2) Respect others at all times, even players that are not AEST If you are wearing our tags, your are representing ALL of us

3) Be able to get on TeamSpeak (Headset & Mic required) and play COD with the rest of the clan. If you live on the other side of the world and are sleep when we play here, then find a clan on the other side of the world.

4) ALL active members are required to pay annual dues which go towards game servers, team speak servers, website hosting development, and prizes for the LAN party. Dues are non-refundable. The annual dues are based on the number of active clan members. The dues for 2014 are currently $20 per year.

5) Recruiting is based mainly on how well you fit in with existing members 6) Recruits will undergo a probationary membership. During that time, the potential recruit will wear the =AESTr= recruit tags, and is exempt from paying dues. After ALL clan leaders have voted the recruit in, an invitation will be extended to the newbie to join the clan with full membership, at which time annual dues will be due.

7) Skill is not a primary consideration when recruiting new members.

8) All members must have their own copy of the game. Pirated versions are not acceptable and if found to be using a pirated version they will be expelled from the clan.

9) Cheating is 100% forbidden. Cheating includes aimbots, hacks, boosting, joining hacked servers, etc. If you are suspected of cheating, you will be placed on suspension until a decision has been made by the clan leaders. If it is determined that you have been cheating in any form or fashion, you will be expelled from the clan, and all dues paid will be non-refundable.

10) Last but not least......Have Fun!

The clan leadership reserves the right to change the clan policies at any time without prior warning and it is every member’s responsibility to ensure that they comply with the latest clan policies. By joining the clan, you are consenting to these clan policies in their entirety, and agree to accept any penalties that may arise from violation of these clan policies.