About AEST

Who we are


A little bit about AEST

Welcome to the home of the Allied Elite Shock Troops.  AEST has been a part of the gaming community since 1999.  AEST is actively involved in COD4 and competing at TWL.  We are about good competitive gaming, and long lasting online friendships.  If you feel you meet both of these requirements please stop by our Clan Rules page and see if this is a place you would like to call home.

We hope all who visit our home site enjoy your time here and check out what has been going on at AEST. If you have any questions please visit out contact us page.


Our history

The Allied Elite Shock Troops was established in 1999 by curent founder Kev_laR and retired founder Creepy.  The clan was then and still is today; based on friendships, comradery and competitive game play.

The name came from the idea of combing the term "Shocktroop" from the WWII era German assault infantry with a modern flare.  The modern influence comes from how all nations; especially the U.S., are multi-diverse.  The diversity gives us the "Allied" portion of the name.  We can assume everyone knows what "Elite" represents, so there is no need for explanation on this term.  So when you combine all these terms together you get an elite assaulting infantry; that regardless of their nationality, fights together for one cause.

Over the years AEST has become a close knitch group of guys and gals that have stayed friends outside of gaming. AEST has also seen its share of ups and downs just like any orginization.  Even through the ebb-n-flows it has remained a stable place for friends to hang-out with one another and game.


Meaning behind the logo

Skull - Represents the unit's job description of elimination of opposing forces, by any means necessary.

Duel Swords - Represent first strike assault unit.

Wings - Represent unites ability to adapt to its environment.

Bolt - Represents a quick, precise unite.

Shield - Represents the unit's counter-attack capabilities.

Scope Sites - Represent units elite tactical training and markemenship.